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The second wax of our artificial slope wax series 4INDOOR has been specially formulated and produced by our SRS Technicians who have a fantastic understanding of the make up of indoor snow. To make snow for the indoor slopes chemicals have to be added, making the nature of the snow extremly abrasive. 4INDOOR has been developed to resist the abrasive snow, meaning a faster wax than standard waxes for alpine snow. Leaving your skis with more wax in the base after Training and Racing! Consisting of 5 180gm bars making up the 900gm bar.


Technicians Tip:

Scrape hot and leave to cool for an hour, then brush with copper brush and finish with finishing brush of your choice! For training, the wax can be left unscraped to keep bases from becoming dry.



  • Developed to resist the abrasive nature of indoor snow.
  • A faster wax than standard waxes made for alpine snow.
  • Developed and produced by our SRS Technicians.
  • Ironing Temperature 150*C.
  • 5 x 180gm bars. 

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