Ski Boot Fitting

All you need to know about the Ski Boot Fitting Services that we offer.

Ill fitting ski boots not only ruin comfort but also performance, they can turn the pleasure of Skiing and Ski Racing into pain. Correct fitting ski boots will ensure you get the most from your valuable time on the slopes. We are here to help.

Why should I book a ski boot fitting?

Properly fitting Ski Boots, as well as footwear in general, are vital for people of all ages. Badly fitting ski boots can result in problems that can stay with you for the rest of your life. So no matter what age you are it is important that your boots are fitted correctly.

If you are someone who struggles with Ski Boots and have to endure a painful skiing experience, we understand how miserable a day on the mountain can be and a quality Boot Fit is just what you need. Our Ski Boot Fitters can transform your skiing into the pleasurable & comfortable experience it should be. We take great pride in taking your skiing experience to a whole new level.

Whether you are a Racer or Recreational Skier, your boots performance shouldn’t be overlooked and getting the most out of your kit is a must resulting in less fatigue, more output and an awesome feeling.

Your ski boots are the foundations to your whole skiing experience and with Former International-Racers in the team, we completely understand the difference the boots can make.

What does a Ski Boot Fitting consist of?

Step 1:
Biomechanical Assessment

Ski Boot Fitting - Step 1 Biomechanical Assessment
The first step to a great fit. This is where we assess your skiing ability, foot size, shape and functionality. We also discuss any past issues.

Step 2:
Ski Boot Selection

Custom Ski Boots - Step 2 Ski Boot Selection
Taking the info gained from the Biomechanical Assessment, here we choose the correct boot for your requirements and fit.

Step 3:
Insole Selection

Custom fit ski boots - Step 3 Insole Selection
Once we’ve got the boot selected, we move onto insole selection. There are endless benefits to a supportive insole. Reducing fatigue and better distribution of pressure are a couple of the main benefits. We have custom and prefabricated options available.

Step 4:
Boot Modification

Step 4 Ski Boot Modification
If necessary this is the stage where we make Boot Modifications. Be it a liner modification, shell grind/stretch or even cuff alignment we’ve go the tools and know-how to make these adjustments to finish the boot off.

When can I get my ski boots fitted?

At Ski Racing Supplies we operate our ski boot fitting service on an appointment only basis.  This ensures our specialist fitter can give you the time and attention you deserve. Ski Boot fittings take on average 1.5 hours, however, everyone’s feet are different so our appointment slots are 2 hours in duration to allow for any extra time that may be needed.

To book an appointment please complete the booking form below. Your booking will be initially marked as pending, we then check our schedule. Once everything is checked you will receive an email confirming the appointment. Usually there are no issues but we like to be 100% certain to avoid any disappointment.

Our preferred option is for you to complete the booking request online, however you can also contact us via phone or email to arrange an appointment.

If you have any further questions regarding boot fittings or are having trouble operating the booking system to find a slot that works for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Our Team

Olly Farr- Certified ski boot ftter

Olly Farr Ski Boot Fitter

Skiing Background:
Olly has been on skis from the early age of 5 and began racing since 10 years of age. Hooked instantly Olly went on to Ski for the England Artificial Ski Team in his teens. Having skied on holiday on the mountain for many years with his parents, Olly decided to take his racing to the next level. Based in Austria Olly learnt his trade with the Benni Raich Race Academy. Here Olly often got the opportunity to ski along side World Cup Teams from Ski Racing powerhouses such as the Austrians, the Norwegians and the Swiss. Naturally he was able to pick up knowledge from the worlds best and further his skiing knowledge and understanding. Its safe to say he eats, breaths and sleeps skiing.

Ski Boot Fitting Experience:
Retiring from Ski Racing in 2020, at the age of 20, Olly took to Ski Boot Fitting to be able to remain involved in the sport. Having been fitting ski boots for many years now Olly keeps up to date and expands on his boot fitting skills/knowledge by attending conferences, training events regularly, Ski Boot factory visits, online seminars plus discussions with some of the world’s most trusted Ski Boot Fitters.


  • Masterfit University Masters Graduate.
  • Masterfit University Associates+ Graduate.
  • Sidas Acadamy Advanced Level 3 Diploma.
  • UKCP Alpine Level 2 Coach