4MATTWAX Racing 1KG – Dry Slope Ski Wax (Brown)


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Our new Dryslope Race Wax!

Due to global shortages our 4Mattwax original was unable to be produced, so our R&D department had been on the case to find a replacement. Well what they came back with was a new and very fast Dryslope Racing Wax made from naturally sourced ingredients making sustainable!

Tested by the UK’s fastest racers and our R&D team, we narrowed down a shortlist of 5 different mixes to get the very best for the most speed. You can have confidence in using our new 4MATTWAX Racing. Testers said the skis glided like they were floating ontop of the matt when using the 4Mattwax Racing.

Like 4Mattwax Original with its hard properties 4MATTWAX Racing is the ultimate wax for Dry Ski Slope Racing. It is the fastest wax on the market for Dry Slope. Remainging at a very reasonable price, 4Mattwax Racing also helps to reduce chance of base burning as it provides excellent protection against the heat generated by Dry Slope matting. Produced by our own R&D Department Technicians who understand what Dry Slope Racing is all about.

Save Money as this 1KG = total price of 4 200gm bars. 1 box = 5 200gm bars.

Technicians tip: When ironing wax onto ski, smooth out and leave no grooves or bumps then leave to cool (roughly 15min), do NOT scrape or polish the wax.


  • Hard and fast wax specifically produced for Dry Slope Racing.
  • Offers good protection from heat generated by Dry Slope matting.
  • Out performs all other hard waxes on the market.
  • Ironing temp 125ºC.
  • 200gm bar.
  • Naturally Resourced – Sustainable product.
  • Brown Colour.

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    4MATTWAX Racing 1KG – Dry Slope Ski Wax (Brown)

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