Falke Women Long Sleeved Zip Shirt Max Warm Black


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The Falke Women Long Sleeved Zip Shirt Max Warm is a figure-hugging zip shirt keeps you cosy in cold to extremely cold conditions thanks to the special surface of the inner material. The combination of high-quality warming and insulating materials ensures superior moisture wicking and thermal management. In addition, the perfect fit guarantees maximum freedom of movement.


  • Protection in cold to very cold outdoor temperatures.
  • Keeps the body extra warm thanks to the special surface of the material on the inner side of the garment.
  • Perfect moisture and temperature regulation thanks to double-layered structure.
  • Combination of high-quality warming and insulating materials.
  • Zip shirt with close body fit.
  • Perfect fit for maximum freedom of movement.
  • 60% Polyamide, 35% Polyester, 5% Elastane.

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Sizing Guide:

Clothing Size
34 36 38 40 42 44
Waist 64 cm
25.2 inch
69 cm
27.2 inch
74 cm
29.1 inch
79 cm
31.1 inch
84 cm
33 inch
89 cm
35 inch
Bust 82 cm
32.3 inch
87 cm
34.3 inch
92 cm
36.2 inch
97 cm
38.2 inch
102 cm
40.2 inch
107 cm
42.1 inch
Hips 90 cm
35.4 inch
95 cm
37.4 inch
100 cm
39.4 inch
105 cm
41.3 inch
110 cm
43.3 inch
115 cm
45.3 inch
Sleeve length 59.5 cm
23.4 inch
59.5 cm
23.4 inch
61 cm
24 inch
62.5 cm
24.6 inch
64 cm
25.2 inch
64 cm
25.2 inch
Inseam 81 cm
31.9 inch
81 cm
31.9 inch
81 cm
31.9 inch
81 cm
31.9 inch
81 cm
31.9 inch
81 cm
31.9 inch


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About Falke: We’re daydreamers and we’re proud of it. Firmly believing in our visions of modern living and aesthetics, we prefer to make them a public statement instead of hiding behind impersonal anonymity. The perfect design, of course, comes in many different guises– but only one meets our personal preferences. That's why like-minded individuals come together in social environments both large and small where they share specific lifestyles, shopping habits and cultural preferences. We'd probably be exaggerating by calling it elitist thinking, but a touch of ritual behaviour remains undeniable in any tailored environment we experience – which, after all, is what makes it irresistible. The FALKE scene is made up of multilingual globetrotters, headstrong individuals, curious explorers, fanatical perfectionists, sensitive creative types and incorrigible aesthetes. Their imagery, their interior design and their clothing are visible expressions of their instincts. We feel at home in their midst. We constantly keep them in mind as we pursue the perfect design and the best handcrafted quality. Our friends who share our ethos expect their understanding of aesthetics to be perfectly translated into modern clothing. We make jumpers, bodies, fine tights and legwear whose designs help transform our shared sense of style into a reality with harmonious fabrics and colours. No, you aren't dreaming.
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