About Kunzmann:
The name “Kunzmann” stands for over 40 years for innovative product oriented to customer, reliable quality in the development, production and worldwide distribution of

-Ski & Snowboard tools
-Ski & Snowboard wax (care products)
-Tuning Tools
-Workshop accessories
-Moulding parts for industries
-Injection moulding tools

We also produce accessories for Ski & hiking poles, as grips, baskets, tips etc. If required please ask for our extra brochure.

The years of experience in mould making and injection moulding technology is helping us to produce high quality products. On our injection moulding machines we handle a lot of different thermoplastic polymers to high quality parts for industry.

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  • Afb98b615ec9f52c3861687a0c9dbc3f43e38741.jpg

    Kunzmann Alu File Guide inc Pincer

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  • 3121 001x750.jpg

    Kunzmann Ergo Alu File Guide

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  • A2732d4a0a9960d036896522f76c05b00826ecd2 1.jpg

    Kunzmann Steel File Guide Pro

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  • D934cb2fccd91fe7f13fceb8803f5c0160d36de1.jpg

    Kunzmann Ceramic Edge Speeder

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  • 8dda3aaf4695f2867bf2d5665afac5a81bb4ba35.jpg

    Kunzmann Ceramic Ultra

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  • 5cc722b45a5813e563be07f42265154cec572dd3.jpg

    Kunzmann Allround Sidewall Planer

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  • 000 3342 002.jpg

    Base Repair Strips Clear 20 pack

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  • D1bf34e2fae9d7618f5c789c7aa053353d34bac0.jpg

    Kunzmann Base Bevelling Guide

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  • 000 3316 002.jpg

    Kunzmann Metal Scraper

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  • 6747de5797a81bde173f834bae72f781f1811c91.jpg

    Kunzmann P-TEX Candle (Pack of 5)

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  • D44b5e6f5d67d26249c83e7994c932471bb5426f

    Kunzmann Poly Sticks Black (For Pistol)

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  • 41d3d90bac4e96619113ba3a50ad48bf560fd0aa.jpg

    Kunzmann Poly Sticks Clear (For Pistol)

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  • 000 2045 Z12.jpg

    Kunzmann Service Bench inc Ski Rack and Iron Stand

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  • C7941183e294e98a8143a6f9efdf9f626cdcbce4.jpg

    Kunzmann Sidewall Planar Pro

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  • 000 3149 3 001.jpg

    Kunzmann Sidewall Planner Round Spare Blade

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  • 000 3149 4 001.jpg

    Kunzmann Sidewall Planner Square Spare Blade

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  • 18b793602ddde91ef3aaf11a232ab5c2275215eb.jpg

    Kunzmann Small Gummi Block

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  • 000 3318.3 001

    Kunzmann Speed Brush Nylon

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