About HWK:
The ski waxes from HWK develop from the cooperation of active competitive athletes, technicians and chemists. The main focus of the company HWK Skiwax lies in the development and tests of the ski waxes, as well as the different types of application.

Since the 2007/2008 season we have not only been the official supplier of the DSV, but also represented in the Austria Ski Pool. Up to 30 different national teams, including the ÖSV and DSV, have trusted our ski wax in professional racing for years and have already achieved countless successes with HWK ski wax!

The HWK Kronbichler GmbH does not differ only in their method of production (all waxes are made by hand to ensure optimal and consistent quality) from the other wax manufacturers, but also through the countless Skiwachstestverfahren. We have worked closely with the ÖSV over the past few years and have therefore always optimized the ski wax.

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    HWK Hand Brush Bronze Hard

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  • C56bc9f10841ee7bab1e5e907f8929814aa8b3c7.jpg

    HWK Hand Brush Horsehair Med/Hard

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  • E1319e7a2671f64b8a1aaac710731e410051ebe4.png

    HWK Hand Brush Nylon Hard

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  • D5a9ca689c4b4d3d5e8c565dc3004e51818e9c5b.jpg

    HWK Hand Brush Steel Extra Fine

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  • A7819182410df9e0217c5562dd062061622e2585.jpg

    HWK Oval Brush Nylon

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  • 89a8396db9f09020fe96800ee4c95e362e0e043a.jpg

    HWK A1 Allround – 180g

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  • Dd670aec272ce33304f1afe8a58923437aa3c5bf.jpg

    HWK Racing Non Fluor 180g

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  • 9b172016dd2a80366850806743e1eed4e5b2ba8f.jpg

    HWK Sp7 Polar

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  • Ab0245118e6701059bd52a59305ec7094f5af752.jpg

    HWK Super Waxer Apron

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  • 8454 2 Oval Bronze13mm.jpg

    HWK Oval Brush Bronze 13mm

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  • Untitled.png

    HWK Polishing/Cleaning Cloth

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  • F59d6fe5770338a6a7184edd25493842043058a9.jpg

    HWK Servicing Tape

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