About Fisch:
Johann Eberhard GmbH – FISCH®-Tools – with its subsidiary FAMMAB Eberhard France S.A. in France, is Europe’s leading manufacturer of drilling, milling and countersinking tools for processing wood, metals and composites. We develop and produce around 2.5 million tools of the highest precision and quality every year at our headquarters in St. Josef near Graz, Austria.

The quality tools are marketed under the FISCH® brand in 45 countries worldwide. Our customers include renowned machine manufacturers and tool dealers. The products of the West Styrian drill factory can be found in almost every DIY store. The core of our success is characterised by constant ongoing development – outside of wood processing too.

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    Fisch Alu Speed Ice Auger Bits

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    Fisch Alu Speed Light Drill Bits

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    Replacement Blades Set for Fisch Alu Speed Ice Auger Bits

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