Thrills of Parallel Slalom and Pendle Winter Race League

Parallel Slalom, or better known in the UK as Dual Slalom, is a fun and exhilarating format of Ski Racing for racers of all ages. In this Blog post we take a look at the format and the Pendle Winter Race League.

Parallel Slalom only recently found its way onto the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup Tour, with the first City Event (Parallel Slalom) being hosted in Munich on back in 2011. Considering how old the sport of Ski Racing is, the format remains fairly fresh. However, on the UK Slopes us Brits have been racing Dual Slalom for as long as records began. Maybe the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup Tour are only just realising how exciting the format is?

Parallel Slalom is racing in it’s purest form, 1 vs 1 or Team vs Team. The clock is thrown out of the window, all that matters is yourself, the course and your opponent. Starts are incredibly vital, perhaps the most important part of any Dual Slalom race, but one mistake and it can all be over. Parrallel Slalom remains inline with Ski Racing’s harsh nature, which keeps things exciting till crossing the line.

Not only is it an exciting event for the Ski Racers, but it can be a nail biting, tense and thrilling event for the spectators! It certainly engages everyone who attends.

One highlight this season from the Oslo City Event was the scalping of Marcel Hirscher by British Ski Racing Legend Dave Ryding. See video in case you missed it!

Dave Ryding vs Marcel Hirscher

So we are sure that little snippet has got you raring to have a go yourself? Well, you can do that just indeed! We caught up with David Eaves, from Pendle Ski Club. He gave his opinion on the format and also on their fabulous Pendle Winter Race League Series.

Pendle Winter Race League

“It’s was great to see the crowd excited and cheering on Dave Ryding and other racers recently in the dual slalom. The format provides close racing and instant feedback which everyone finds a joy to watch. Be it racer or spectator.

So can we have more please ? – Yes we can!

Pendle Ski Club – home of the Rocket provide a monthly winter race league series that see teams of 3 / 4 racers battle in out in a friendly fun dual slalom event. The event is a none seeded fun event that is well supported by the local clubs. It regularly sees around 140 competitors taking part from all ranges including that parents. Although it may be a ‘fun’ event, it for sure is competitive which gets the participants hooked on the sport.

Talking to the racers, coaches and parents, that attend the Pendle Winter Race League, here are a few of the reasons they keep coming back for more Dual Slalom fun:

  • It’s great value for money due to the number of races you have and practice time.
  • The events are well organised so that you are finished for lunchtime and have the rest of the day free.
  • Anything can happen in a Dual Slalom, people can straddle or miss a gate, making things interesting.
  • Depending on the race line up of the teams, the lead can change from racer to racer.
  • It’s a great spectacle as some races can be really close.
  • The courses are good as they provide a fast and flowing race for the younger racers. But the better skiers have to focus more as they are carrying more speed so can get caught out.
  • It doesn’t matter if you miss one event as the overall series prizes/positions is worked out on the best four out of five results.
  • It’s a great way to catch up and make new Ski Racing friends from other clubs.
  • Prizes for each event on ages categories up for grabs.

The event is regularly supported by skiers from Pendle, Rossendale, Stoke, Kendal, Oval, Carlisle, Runcorn, Sheffield, and Sunderland with skiers from Ravens & Tigers. Medals are presented after each event, with trophies for the overall series.

We have had the first three events with the next one on the 3rd of February, and series finale on the 3rd of March. Open practice starts at 8am and racers can ski the course prior to racing starting at 9am. After each team has had six races and any race offs, prize giving usually starts at 12:30pm approx.

Ski Racing Supplies always attend, so are on hand for all your equipment needs. You can also pre-order items to collect on the day which saves you paying for the items to be shipped.

We are always looking to improve and grow the Pendle Winter Race League. If you potentially have a team, we’d love to have you come along and get stuck in. Be it first timer or returning competitor to the Pendle Winter Race Leauge. Everyone is welcome.”

David Eaves – Race Coach and SSE Official from Pendle Ski Club.

If you would like to get involved or want more info on the event please contact the organisers at and they will give you all the info required to enter and answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you on the 3rd of February.

Thrills of Parallel Slalom and Pendle Winter Race League


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