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Ski Boot Fitting at Ski Racing

At Ski Racing Supplies we operate our ski boot fitting service on an appointment only basis. This ensures our specialist fitter can give you the time and attention you deserve. Ski Boot fittings take on average 1.5 hours, however, everyone’s feet are different so our appointment slots are 2 hours in duration to allow for any extra time that may be needed.

Specialist ski boot fitting offers several benefits that can significantly enhance your skiing experience and performance on the slopes. Here are some key advantages:

Improved Comfort: Properly fitted ski boots are more comfortable, reducing the likelihood of discomfort, pain, and blisters. A specialist will take into account the unique shape of your feet, including arch height, width, and instep, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.

Enhanced Performance: Ski boot specialists consider your skiing ability, style, and preferences when fitting boots. This personalized approach can improve your overall performance on the slopes, providing better control, responsiveness, and precision.

Increased Warmth: A precise fit ensures that your feet stay warm by preventing cold air from entering and retaining heat. Well-fitted boots also facilitate better circulation, preventing numbness and cold feet during prolonged exposure to low temperatures.

Reduced Fatigue: Ill-fitting boots can lead to excessive pressure points and discomfort, causing fatigue more quickly. Specialist fitting helps distribute pressure evenly, reducing fatigue and allowing you to enjoy longer, more comfortable skiing sessions.

Customised Support: The structure of your feet, including arch shape and pronation, can affect your skiing stance. A specialist can provide customized support through the use of insoles, footbeds, and liners, optimizing your alignment and balance on skis.

Injury Prevention: Properly fitted ski boots can help prevent injuries by providing adequate support to your feet, ankles, and lower legs. A specialist can identify potential issues and recommend adjustments to minimize the risk of injuries.

Better Ski Control: A snug and well-fitted boot ensures a strong connection between your feet and the ski, allowing for precise movements and better control. This is crucial for skiers at all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Personalised Adjustments: Ski boot specialists can make additional adjustments to the boots, such as shell moulding or grinding, to address specific fit issues and ensure an optimal fit for your unique foot shape.

Keep in mind that every skier is unique, so working with a specialist who understands your specific needs and preferences is essential for reaping the full benefits of ski boot fitting.

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South Yorkshire Ski Boot Fitting


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