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Get off to a faster start with Zardoz NOTwax! For high volume application, the Shop Kit is a must-have for racers and teams that require quick and frequent applications. Don’t forget, leave nothing in the start gate!! Save buying refills and new pucks with the Zardoz Shop Kit.

Zardoz BASE BOOST for Skis & Snowboards is a Teflon base treatment perfect for use as a topcoat on all waxes. Zardoz’s unique BASE BOOST formula delivers protection for your equipment along with better control, easier turns and more speed! Ensuring longer wax life, it’s a cost-effective way to maintain a fleet of skis and boards making it ideal for rental shops. It’s less expensive per use than constantly reapplying other rub on waxes or hot wax treatments and it’s completely non-toxic. BASE BOOST has no fumes, no mess and no silicone! BASE BOOST’s resistance to moisture allows you to glide over snow and ice, reducing friction and increasing speed and acceleration. This patent protected, 100% pure liquid fluoro formula, unlocks maximum performance from fluoropolymer technology. BASE BOOST Super Shop Kit includes 225g of pure liquid fluoro, a shop applicator and will treat up to 225 pairs of skis and snowboards.

A must-have for racers.


  • Improves starting speed and glide.
  • Easy and quick application – – just wipe and go!
  • Zardoz NOTwax® is 100% pure liquid fluoropolymer.
  • Use in any snow condition – the wetter the better!
  • A must have for all competitive racers!
  • Super 225gm.
  • Non-toxic, no fumes, no mess and no silicone.
  • Includes applicator.

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About Zardoz: The birth of Zardoz® can be attributed to one man, Paul Ramer. Paul was an avid backcountry skier, mountaineer and inventor, infamous for his passion and ingenuity. Somewhere in garages and attics all across Colorado are prototypes of avalanche beacons, telescoping ski poles, bullet proof binding systems and specialty backcountry boots. Ramer’s never-ending quest to find new and better products led him the science labs at DuPont. Here he worked with scientists to develop a liquid fluoropolymer that could be used on the base of skis and snowboards. Tragically, Paul passed away in March of 2000 at the age of 56. Still, his spirit lives on in his final discovery, Zardoz BASE BOOST. The non-toxic, non-flammable, color and odourless BASE BOOST formula, provides a coating for the base of skis and snowboards to improve glide and reduce friction. The result of this is more speed on slopes and flats, less effort required for turning and reduced wear on the base of skis and snowboards.
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