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The Clockwork goggle is developed together with Sweet Protection’s alpine ski-racing team athletes. With a low profile, adjustable ventilation and a field of view like no other goggle on the market, the Clockwork World Cup is developed specifically for Alpine ski racers. This model features our premium 2,8mm thick Toric sculped lens with our unique proprietary lens technology; RIG®. The double lens itself is equipped with a GORE® Protective Vent to equalize the pressure and avoid deformation of the inner lens due to variable atmospheric pressure – providing optimal working conditions for the eyes. The World Cup versions comes with Race Covers enabling closure of the vents preventing too much air on the eyes when the speed picks up. The Clockwork WC goggle fits perfectly with the Volata helmets. All goggles are available with our revolutionary RIG® lens technology, developed by Sweet Protection to provide superior contrast, minimum color distortion and reduced eye fatigue.


  • RIG® lens technology: developed by Sweet Protection to provide superior contrast, minimum color distortion and reduced eye fatigue.
  • Unrivalled field of vision.
  • 2.8mm toric sculpted lens with extreme impact resistance.
  • GORE® protective vents: equalizes the pressure between the lenses to provide minimal optical distortion.
  • Super oleophobic- and hydrophobic coating.
  • Special acetate antifog inner lens.
  • 100% UV protection.
  • Race covers: special made plastic covers enabling closure of the frame vents to reduce the airflow into the goggle.
  • 2 Lens RIG Topaz + RIG L Amethyst included.


RIG™ – Retina Illumination Grading – 

RIG™ is a contrast enhancing lens technology which is true to the colours of the environment,. By focusing on low energy light, the RIG™ lenses reduce eye fatigue, and creates superior visibility and depth perception.

Sculpted Toric Lens –

The first sculpted toric goggle lens in the World! Extremely strong and rigid toric lens providing superior optical properties with minimum distortion while providing extreme impact resistance. The sculpted “Eye Black” geometry helps to contrast, reduce glare and increase lens regidty.

GORE® Protective Vents for Pressure Equalisation –

The GORE® Protective Vents sole intention is to equalise the pressure between the outer lens and the inner lens to provide minimal optical distortion by avoiding deformation of the inner lens due to variable atmospheric pressure.

Anti Fog –

CA Cellulose Acetate anti-fog inner lens.

Super-Oleophobic Hydrophobic –

A unique coating making making sure that water in any shape or form doesn’t stick.

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