Skiman Racing Sharp Kit


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This handy kit is a great tool for those wanting something that will do all the jobs without costing the earth. With easy handling and a steady grip this provides for maxium accuracy. Offers good results and a range of edge angles in one tool. Also can be used for tuning the base edges.



  • Egonic Edge Sharpener.
  • Can cut side edges at 89*,88*,87* and 86*.
  • Can cut base edges at 05* and 1*.
  • Indludes Zirconium stone, 80mm file and Diamond stone.


Directions for use:

  1. Zirconium – To remove rock damaged spots and burs before using file.
  2. File – To sharpen and set up the edge angle.
  3. Diamond – To polish and super finish the ski and snowboard edges. Best if used with water.

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About Skiman: Born in 1975, the SKI MAN trade-mark has become internationally known thanks to his high-tech and high-quality products for ski and snowboard hand tuning. Our relationship with customers is not only based on business but on steady teamwork, which has brought us, in the course of years, to improve and widen our range of items. Testing by World Cup ski-men is an excellent chance to evaluate the effectiveness of our work. Items in this catalogue are for professionals or amateurs who want to prepare materials by themselves in order to improve their performances steadily. Quality has been and will always be the main aim of our factory.
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