Sidas Race Boots Bag 60L


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A 60-litre storage bag for ski accessories (boots, helmets, gloves, protective masks), ideal for racers or young club riders. Designed by racers for racers, the space and storage have been optimised to facilitate use and access to equipment, from helmets to liners, shells and the essentials of our life such as our keys, papers and telephone, all in the smallest possible volume. Its construction in ripstop polyester and 900D polyester will ensure greater resistance to snags and waterproof panels, useful during coach transport and during training sessions with the bag remaining outside in the snow. Black with the Sidas racing colours used by the best racers on their boots, this bag also has an external label to identify your bag from that of your comrades.


  • Built for Ski Racers.
  • Optimized storage.
  • Polyester Ripstop.
  • 36 x 60 X 36 cm.
  • Polyester 900D.

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