Red Creek Roto Brush Pro Set – 100mm


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The Complete Set of Red Creek Roto Brushes for the Professional racer and serviceman. Every Brush for elite standards of base preparation. Save 15% also on this awesome pack, when bought individualy £350.98, pack price is £299.99, saving you £50.99 in the process!

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Red Creek are the original Roto Brush, being first to come up with the idea and resolute design has led to a fantastic reputation. Toko and many other large Ski Servicing Companies have Red Creek make their brushes for retail, so you can trust in the quality of Red Creek’s products.

Includes the following:

  • Red Creek Roto Brush Single Handle – 100mm
  • Red Creek Roto Brush Brass Fine – 100mm – For opening the structure of the base prior to waxing and removing excess wax after using the Horsehair Hard Brush – for an excellent finish.
  • Red Creek Roto Horse Hair Hard Racing – 100mm – For removing excess wax after scraping when the ski has cooled appropriately.
  • Red Creek Roto Brush White Fine Racing – 100mm – For Polishing after using teh Brass Fine Brush.
  • Red Creek Roto Brush Blue Soft Racing Finish – 100mm – For the final and perfect Racing Polished Finish.
  • Red Creek Roto Brush Felt – 100mm – For applying High Fluoro waxes.
  • Red Creek Roto Cork Roller – 100mm – For working in High Fluoro Waxes, particularly powders.
  • 2 x SRS Plastic Scrapers 5mm each.
  • Red Creek Roto Brush Plastic Case.

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Red Creek
About Red Creek: Our rotating waxing brushes are used today by hundreds of national teams in areas such as length, alpine, biathlon, ski jumping and snowboarding. Besides waxing brushes we develop and manufacture other products. The latest is a rill used to structure all types of cross country skis. Our goal is that you always get the perfect service, affordable and high quality products.
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    Red Creek Roto Brush Handle – Single inc Plastic Guard 100mm

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    Red Creek Roto Brush Handle – Double inc Plastic Guard 200mm

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    Red Creek Roto Brush Blue Soft Racing Finish (Nylon) – 100mm

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    Red Creek Roto Brush Black Nylon Allround – 100mm

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