Lange RS 120 2021

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Be One with your boots. The all-new Lange RS 120 2021 is the result of our deep understanding foot mechanics, fit, and ski boot behaviour. Featuring our new, race-developed Dual Core construction, RS supplies incredible energy and flex control, becoming a natural extension of your body for total control through the turn. The new anatomic shell design integrates perfectly with our World Cup Race Fit liner, delivering unparalleled comfort, precision, and power transmission.

Fitting options available, we have a stock of trim to fit foot beds and custom insoles, perfect for racers and also can mould the new Lange 3D Liner. Please call, email or use the booking form below to arrange a fitting.


  • high-performance race boot with “near unanimous best-of-test results”
  • 97 last.
  • Flex index 120.
  • Dual Core Technology.
  • An exact, race-inspired fit.
  • More efficient power transfer and less quad fatigue.
  • World Cup Race Fit liner.
  • New custom tongue solves traditional hard-to-fit issues.


Boots can be ordered from the Lange Factory at request if we haven’t the correct size in stock – please call/email to enquire.

Want to be sure on the fit? Book a boot fitting below to get the best fit!

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Weight 4 kg

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About Lange: Lange has a proud and bold history as the one true innovator of the plastic ski boot as we know it today. Lange were the first to develop plastic ski boots with buckles on. Since then they have pushed the boundaries further and further. Lange is constantly looking to improve their products and range. Lange also offer a fantastic range of luggage to transport your Lange boots with.
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