Douchebags™ Big Bastard 90L – Black Out


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Designed by pro riders, airline baggage handlers, and engineers, with the Douchebags™ Big Bastard 90L, the Douchebags team have put together a clever award-winning package – Ease of use, tough fabrics and modular design makes this the ultimate in luggage for all seasons. Some travels require more gear than others. Whether it is about going away for a long time, or just going really, really far away, the Douchebags™ Big Bastard 90L has space enough to bring the necessary gear. This roomy stroller is made for the long adventures. The whole front of the Big Bastard opens in one single motion, providing easy access to whatever is needed. Mesh pockets along the inside of the bag, in addition to a top pocket on the outside; ensure that any small objects stay in place. Despite its 90-litre size, the Big Bastard is light on its toes. Big wheels and a sturdy, two-stage retractable handle allow for smooth navigation. Convenient side- top- and bottom handles ensure safe and comfortable handling and carrying. The Big Bastard loves to carry as much weight as possible. The hook-up system lets the Base 15L, Hugger 30L or Hugger 60L hook up to its back, leaving human shoulders free from weight. The Rib Cage construction is composed of strong and lightweight ABS ribs, providing protection and support inspired by the human rib cage, designed to protect your gear.


  • Db Hook-Up system.
  • Db Patented Rib Cage Technology.
  • Main material: Polyester 600D / 1680D / TPE 500D.
  • Lining: Polyester 200D.


  • Dimensions (h x w x d): 87 x 43 x 24.5cm.
  • Weight: 4.5kg.

The Little Bastard fully integrates with all backpacks turning two products into one single unit, placing the weight over the wheels for maximum volume but minimum hassle.


The integrated rib cage construction, consisting of strong and lightweight ABS ribs, has allowed all traditional padding to be removed – leaving the bag to be lightweight and protective.

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Weight 5 kg


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About Douchebags: At Db we are travellers. Dreamers. Optimists. We believe that the world will be better tomorrow than it is today. We believe in family. Open architecture. Bridges, not walls. We believe that journeys — in our backyards, across oceans and through outer space — have the power to open our minds and shape our lives. At Db, we exist to create meaningful journeys. In Db’s infancy we were often asked, “How much can you really change luggage?” We loved this question. It was a difficult but worthy challenge and today we’re proud to have a definitive answer. “Turns out, you can change it a lot.” Over the past decade we’ve designed and developed, released and refined three key innovations that have helped Db redefine travel and enable more meaningful journeys.
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