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Carrot Ski Edge Tuner is an innovative device for sharpening ski edges for both competitive and recreational ski shops and skiers. Thanks to the convenient kit supplied in a case with extremely small size the kit is easy to use in any situation always providing professional results. The Carrot Ski Edge Tuner comes included with a smart transformer allows automatic conversion to 240 Volts 50hz.

The kit includes:

  • 1 x CARROT machine
  • 2 x Guides 87°and 88°
  • 1 x stone 120
  • 1 x connector for vacuum system (debris collection hose)
  • 1 x power supply unit
  • Input: 100-240 V – 2.5 A (50-60 Hz)
    Output: 24V – 6.25A
  • 1 x screwdriver.

Designed and developed thanks to years of experience in the field of blade sharpness, the Carrot Ski Edge Tuner aims to fill an obvious gap with existing solutions in terms of efficiency, portability, and quality of results.


  • Changeable Guides (available 89° –  85°)
  • Grinding wheel progressive control stone
  • Ergonomic grip tape Derlin® Shell
  • Replaceable stone
  • Vacuum system
  • Fixing and changing square grips.
  • Warranty 1 year.


Screw thread is a left hand thread for installing and removing the stones!

  • 80 freeride or training children
  • 120 training children or adult
  • 240 race SL in VSL
  • 320 race Super G
  • 500 race DH
  • 240 ceramic PRO TUNING ice
  • 500 diamond PRO TUNING ice

To be used with MASK!

After choice of the grinding wheel grain to be used, the user must perform the guide mounting on the body of the machine using the screwdriver. The guide will be off-axis respect to the body to enable the grinding wheel to come into contact with the foil of the ski. The choice of the angle of the guide depends essentially on the specialty in which the skis will be used and preference of the user. After placing skis in a vice and the device is connected to the power supply the machine is ready for use. The user simply has to place the machine on the corner of the ski by sliding it from tip to tail without exerting any pressure. The ski will be ready for new use on the track after just 2/3 steps. On top of the body there’s a thread that allows the adjustment of the height of the grinding wheel when it becomes worn.

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Carrot by Comax
About Carrot: We sharpen blades for 60 years. Our long history of scissors producer has never stopped challenging the future. Our innovation is intuition, continuous research and experimentation, union of cutting-edge technologies, manual knowledge and... passion for skiing
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