About Toko:


In TOKO’s long history, this global brand has often made history – with top-class products and pioneering innovations in the wax and care sectors.

If there is a common theme that runs through TOKO’s history, it is the tremendous and uninterrupted power of innovation of this skiing sport specialist from Switzerland. Combined with its proximity to both professional and amateur athletes, TOKO has become an integral element of the world of skiing sports. TOKO means skiing fun!

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  • C9b14850807cc84e84081aeaca817cc995481cb1.jpg

    Toko Edge Tuner Pro 85 – 90′

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  • Cb30a08575cfa068a9f282e4c0df961e51f701fc 3

    Toko Base Angle World Cup

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  • 8db48447f3bd026cedf43a0a364f670987af3b3f.jpg

    Toko Sidewall Planer

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  • 3e42028e3df8ae75d210d96d9d49ccd9ef7708f8.jpg

    Toko Backshop Barwax Warm 1 x 250gm

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  • Toko Eco Fresh 125ml.jpg

    Toko Eco Shoe Fresh 125ml

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  • 53cb4f2e0ff8c4258abe313a03bc36277b98fbbf.jpg

    Toko Eco Textile Wash 1000ml

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  • Dae21ba9fa11879c992baea5fcaa8ce4a604b733.jpg

    Toko Eco Textile Wash 250ml

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  • 5560026 Edge Grinding Rubber.jpg

    Toko Edge Grinding Rubber

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  • A7f441a84bcd00d0d20672a4dffde6150edc03ec

    Toko Edge Tuner World Cup

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  • 5547131 Main02.jpg

    Toko Iron Bag

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  • 5746c6a1be52c8048307c7035c06568d9facde2c.jpg

    Toko Scraper Sharpener

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  • A2233fca3fbff5d714edd8a5bbc55b14c47f909a.jpg

    Toko T8 800W Iron

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  • 9b7fcdc417711dc8e2cbd1bd72b86e882d7e646d.jpg

    Toko Waxremover HC3 500ml

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  • A4ae9bca489698579a8c561e547cc371fa677883.jpg

    Toko Backshop Barwax Universal 1 x 250gm

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  • Fa30025f18d24627c17fb0fba10532f605bf977e.jpg

    Toko Diamond Disc Coarse/Edge Tuner World Cup

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  • 48b4074509b49d9c8080681812ecdde2bbe7d5fe.jpg

    Toko Diamond Disc Extra Fine/Edge Tuner World Cup

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  • 1ce9065bbf437e1a69d1c3b1f1ca8d0fcdadd3c0

    Toko Diamond Disc Fine/Edge Tuner World Cup

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  • B60b1abcef2f4bdd599f71426932121ccb42ca8b

    Toko Diamond Disc Medium/Edge Tuner World Cup

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