About SkiTuning:
Skiing is our passion!

Time in the mountains is priceless. That’s why we only want to spend it with the best equipment.
We share this attitude with our customers from all over the world.

At SkiTuning we have set ourselves the goal of guaranteeing our customers the best time in skiing.
We offer you all the tools you need to make your winter sports equipment work at its best.
Our employees are enthusiastic winter sports enthusiasts themselves and therefore know how important perfect equipment is for the most beautiful leisure experience. Our products save you valuable tuning time so that you have more time for fun. We are convinced of that.

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    Discman Angular Guide

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    Ski Tuning Mains Power Supply NG20 230VAC/18VDC

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    Baseman – Worldcup Base Edge Gauge

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    Grinding Disc and Slider Replacement Kit

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    High Gloss Disc and Slider Replacement Kit

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    Plastic Carry Case Discman 4

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    Angle Wheel

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