POC Sports

About POC Sports:
POC, a leading manufacturer of helmets, eyewear, body armor, apparel and accessories in snow sports and cycling, was founded in 2005 in Sweden.

With a mission to ‘Protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes and anyone inspired to be one’ POC has a crystal clear vision to provide optimised personal protection and safety through developing products of unquestionable quality and relevance.

To support its development and quality POC established two scientific forums, POC Lab and WATTS Lab, which brings together some of the finest minds in research, medicine and safety to advise on new research and trends.

Inspired by its mission and scientific approach, POC has built a reputation for breaking with convention, exploring new ideas and innovating to improve protection for all. POC has been fortunate to protect many Olympic athletes, World Champions and elite athletes around the globe and to share in many of their successes.

Creating products forged in safety and innovation is at the heart of POCs approach, be it for an elite athlete, weekend skiers or a daily bike commuter. It’s an approach that has led to over 60 international safety, design and innovation awards, including the prestigious bike industry ‘Brand of the Year’ award.

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  • 51037 Frisson Pant.png

    POC Frisson Pant Full Zip

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  • 10179 Articslmips 1002 Uraniumblack 0001 1.png

    POC Artic SL MIPS Uranium Black

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  • Sale! 10483 Calyx 1064 Selentineoff Whitematt 0001

    POC Calyx Mips Seletine Off-white Matt

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  • Sale! 10483 Calyx 1037 Uraniumblackmatt 0001

    POC Calyx Mips Uranium Black Matt

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  • 40409 Foveamidclaritycomp 8461 Speedygradient Uraniumblack Spektrisblue 0001.png

    POC Fovea Mid Clarity Comp Speedy Gradient/Uranium Black

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  • Sale! 40408 Foveamidclarity 8456 Sapphirepurple Claritydefine Spektrisivory 0001.png

    POC Fovea Mid Clarity Sapphire Purple Spektris Ivory

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  • 40903 Foveamidrace Marcoodermatted 8714 Hydrogenwhite Uraniumblack Partlysunnyblue 1

    POC Fovea Mid Race Marco Odermatt Ed.

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  • 51081 Loftparkajr 1002 Uraniumblack Front.png

    POC Loft Parka Jr

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  • 18d261fa626a0bcbddd287dad31c6864fc75aa20.jpg

    POC Maxilla Breakaway System Chinguard

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  • Sale! 40902 Nexalmid Hedvigwesseled 8775 Storeskagastølstind Partlysunnyazure 1

    POC Nexal Hedvig Wessel Ed.

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  • Sale! 211104 Poc Obex Hedvig Left

    POC Obex BC Mips Hedvig Wessel Ed. Stetind Grey

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  • Sale! 10116 Obexbcmips Hedvigwesseled. 8774 Storeskagastølstind.0001

    POC Obex BC Mips Hedvig Wessel Ed. Store Skagastølstind

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  • Sale! 10113 Obexmips 1001 Hydrogenwhite.png

    POC Obex Mips Hydrogen White

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  • Sale! 10113 Obexmips 1064 Selentineoff Whitematt 0001

    POC Obex Mips Seletine Off-White Matt

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  • 20197 Poleguard 9050 Fluorescentorange Front.png

    POC Pole Guard

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  • 51024 Race Jacket.jpg

    POC Race Jacket

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  • 51025 Racejacketjr 1002 Uraniumblack Front.png

    POC Race Jacket Jr

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  • 51036 Racezippantjr 1002 Uraniumblack Front 1.png

    POC Race Zip Pant Jr

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