About Fischer Sports

Fischer Sports GmbH is the global leader in Nordic skiing and one of the world’s leading brands in Alpine skiing, known for innovation and cutting-edge technology. Fischer is also one of the biggest manufacturers of high-quality ice hockey sticks. Fischer’s vision is to be the winter athlete’s brand of choice through outstanding products, created for everlasting moments and new levels of individual performance. The privately held company employs nearly 2000 individuals who all share a passion for and dedication to winter sports.

Fischer Sports GmbH was founded in 1924 in Ried im Innkreis, Austria, where the global headquarter is still located. Manufacturing takes place there and in Ukraine. One Way, a world-famous brand with a special focus on cross-country skiing has likewise been part of Fischer Sports GmbH since May 2018. Löffler, part of the Fischer group, is also headquartered in Ried im Innkreis.

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  • 8963c8f202e1e1dd299b178102d89618dbeada3b 4.jpg

    Fischer RC4 WorldCup SG H-Plate

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  • A04623 Rc4 Wc Sl Women.jpg

    Fischer RC4 WorldCup SL M-PLATE 2024

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  • A03023 Rc4 Wc Gs Women.jpg

    Fischer RC4 WorldCup GS M-PLATE 2024

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  • Sale! A01223 Rc4 Worldcup Sg.jpg

    Fischer RC4 WorldCup SG Jr H-Plate

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  • A10223 Rc4 Wc Gs Jr Jpg 300dpi

    Fischer RC4 Worldcup GS Jr. M-Plate 2024

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    Fischer RC4 WorldCup GS Curv Booster 2020

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  • Jpg 300dpi 7597 U01223 Rc4 Podium Rd Worldcup.jpg

    Fischer RC4 Podium RD WC 5:1 (130)

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  • Jpg 300dpi 7596 U01323 Rc4 Podium Rd Worldcup 1.jpg

    Fischer RC4 Podium RD WC 6:1 (120)

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  • 3c25a9e543257102ad7a0941cf32322b0280fd18 7.jpg

    Fischer RC4 Podium RD 130

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  • 507b994aa38c233563e7cc228cf04fee4714f592 7

    Fischer RC4 Podium RD 110

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  • U06223 Rc4 120 Mv Boa Vac Gw Jpg 300dpi

    Fischer RC4 120 MV BOA VAC GW Ocean

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  • P11023 Rc4 Worldcup Sl Jr

    Fischer RC4 Worldcup SL Jr. M-Plate 2024

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  • Sale! Png 300dpi 4278 A11022 Rc4 Worldcup Sl Jr.png

    Fischer RC4 Worldcup SL Jr. M-Plate 2023

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  • Png 300dpi 4407 U11022 Rc4 Podium Lt 110.png

    Fischer RC4 Podium LT 110

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  • U06723 Rc4 95 Mv Vac Gw Jpg 300dpi

    Fischer RC4 95 MV VAC GW Ice Grey

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  • Png 300dpi 4408 U11122 Rc4 Podium Lt 90.png

    Fischer RC4 Podium LT 90

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  • Sale! U01117 Rc4 Podium 130

    Fischer RC4 Podium 130

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  • Png 300dpi 4409 U11222 Rc4 Podium Lt 70 1.png

    Fischer RC4 Podium LT 70

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