Dry Slope Ski Wax - 4MATTWAX 200gm

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The only wax specifically formulated for Dry Slope Racing. With its super hard properties 4MATTWAX is the ultimate wax for Dry Ski Slope Racing and Training. It is the fastest wax on the market for Dry Slope and it is no coincidence that it is used by all the top Racers in the UK. With a super quick glide it out performs all other hard waxes on the market and at a very reasonable price! Also helps to reduce chance of base burning as it provides excellent protection against the heat generated by Dry Slope matting. Produced by our own Technicians who understand what Dry Slope Racing is all about.


Technicians tip: When ironing wax onto ski, smooth out and leave no grooves or bumps then leave to cool (roughly 15min). Once the wax is hard, don't scrape the wax off the base, just polish with a Toko Themo Cork (Finishing Cork) (or soft brush) for a glistening shine and a super fast glide.



  • Super hard and fast wax specifically produced for Dry Slope Racing and Training.
  • Offers good protection from heat generated by Dry Slope matting.
  • Out performs all other hard waxes on the market.
  • Ironing temp 160ºC.
  • Finish with synthetic cork or soft brush.
  • 200gm bar.

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