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Retro 473

Regarding the success of the 527 New Generation, it was unthinkable not to develop the Bollé Retro Collection! More feminine, with mirrored...

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Retro 527

They’ve been so successful we just couldn’t leave them on the shelf! With a minor refit and uplift, the Bollé 527 sunglasses are...

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Clint - Anna Fenninger Special Edition

Little does it matter whether you really are a great athlete, you'll turn heads with Clint. This highly original design that combines modern,...

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With its very feminine design, the Grace model is for the active woman looking for comfort and good-looking glasses. Very contemporary, the rounded...

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Jordan - Junior

The Bollé flagship 527 model adapted to the 8-11 years pre-teens face shape and in their favorite colors for them to be as protected and...

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The new Sport Lifestyle collection has its icon, Jude, whose design and lens quality are just amazing. Keep them with you all the time. For wherever..

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Playing sport is one thing, but doing it with style is another! The new Keelback model has everything going for it: unparalleled comfort,...

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Molly Chocolate/Gold Polarized Sandstone Gun oleo AR

All the superior technology Bollé is known for in a timeless style. So lightweight you won't notice them on, so stylish you will certainly.

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Podium Race Helmet Anna Fenninger Edition

A brilliant  FIS approved helmet  with a dashing design! Injected ABS, Integrated Ventilation and Hypoallergenic inner lining,...

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Podium Shiny Green Race Helmet

A brilliant  FIS approved helmet with a dashing design! Injected ABS, Integrated Ventilation and Hypoallergenic inner lining, you know.

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