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Kunzmann Steel File Guide

The precisely machined stainless steel file guide is fitted with two variable ansetzbaremn file clips which can be set on different points. The..

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Kunzmann Ceramic Edge Speeder

A great little pocket sized special ceramic edge finisher and tuner, with a protective cap for the pins. Pins are fitted by screws and are simple to..

Kunzmann Ceramic Ultra

Single pin ceramic finisher with handle. Pocket sized so you can quickly tune and get back to skiing!   Features: Ceramic finisher with handle...

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Kunzmann Sidewall Planer

Kunzmann Sidewall Planer, For preparing skis and snowboards before sharpening the steel edges. Adjustable settings to suit a wide range of skis..

Kunzmann Base Bevelling Guide

Angle-adjustable roller-tool and file guide for precise base edge bevelling. Angle-range from 0-3°, in steps od 0,5°. For files...

Kunzmann P-TEX Candle (Pack of 5)

The P-TEX Candle is a perfect way to repair light/medium damage to the bases of skis. Sold as a pack of five.  How to use: Light.

Kunzmann Pincer

Product Description: Classic file pincer for holding files of any nature to a clamp less file guide to tune the side edge of skis and snowboards....

Kunzmann Racing Combi SC

This Kunzmann Racing Combi SC (SKS Profi Tool) has an adjustable angle setting from 85º-90º and is equipped for multipurpose use..

Kunzmann Small Gummi Block

For cleaning ,deburring and chamfering the edges. Remove rust easily with the Kunzmann Abrasive Ruuber from ski/snowboard edges. Can be used to...

Kunzmann Wax Work

Used for working in Speed Powders into the base before polishing.   Features: For working in speed products before polishing with brushes.