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Holmenkol Ergo Easy 88/89'

Made for deburring and grinding of ski and snowboard steel edges. Compact, making for easy handling, fitting into your trouser pocket. Comes with a...

Holmenkol BaseBrush Horsehair

For brushing off when preparing the base with glide wax and speed products. With its soft fibers the BaseBrush Horsehair is pefect for removing...

Holmenkol BaseBrush Nylon

Univerial brush for all worksteps in the prepartion of ski bases. Ideal for polishing wax, give a great shine to finish the ski and...

Holmenkol Basebrush Soft

BaseBrush Soft is for adding that finishing touch! With its soft synthetic hairs polishing is easy and gives a great shine to the ski...

Holmenkol BaseBrush Micro Steel

Micro Steel Fibers which are excellent for providing after an after scraping finish, by brushing out of cold wax just after scraping. It is important.

Holmenkol Alpine Starter Set

The Holmenkol Alpine Starter Set is a perfect set for those new to Ski Racing and will also make an excellent present for a special occasion...

Holmenkol Racing File 200x20mm spacing 15 (M-Maxi)

Developed from the World Cup,  professional files that are finished off by a Crystal-Laser. Producing exact fine grinding of ski edges. Place in.

Holmenkol Wax AB Wax Remover Spray 250ml

Special cleaner and wax remover for gentle and thorough cleaning of skis and snowboards.  More efficient due to concentrated formula. Easy to...

SkiMan Roto File Guide

A very stable file guide which  includes three ball bearing rollers and two built-in file clamps for side-egde bevelling. Good for working..

Synthetic Cork

Synthetic Cork excellent for use with grip waxes and TopSpeed powders.   Features: Used to work high quality waxes into the ski base.