Discman 2

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BaseMan   Precision angle meter for the base edge of your ski and snowboard. The counter and the straight edge in combination gives...

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Discman Base EdgeTuning Attachment

Attachment for tuning the base edge of your skis, compatable with Discman 4 and Discman 2. ? *No Club Discount Available on this item*

Disc and Slider Replacement Kit

Replacement Ceramic Disc and Edge Guides for Discman.   Features: 35mm replacement Disc and replacement Edge Guides. K150.

Polishing Disc and Slider Replacement Kit

After an even greater finish? The you want a Polishing Disc! Once you've used the standard disc cahnge for the polihsing Disc and get an even...

Angle Wheel

The angle wheel is a great accessory if you mainly grind at one angle. The wheel spins on a baring meaning less contact friction with the...

Replacement Edge Guides

Wintersteiger Replacement Edge Guides for Disc Man.   Features: For a true edge angle keep Edge Guides in good condition.

Additional Rechargeable Battery

Discman additional Rechargeable Battery (with out battery).   Features: 18V rechargeable Battery purpose made for the Discman.

Replacement Charger

Replacement charger for Discman 2 Battery.   Features: Includes adapter for UK plug socket.